Abbott Technologies, Inc.
ABP Induction LLC
Accu-Noise Inc.
Accumet Engineering Corporation
Acrodyne Communications, Inc.
Adhesives Research, Inc.
Advanced Ferrite Tech Inc
Advanced Switch Technology
Advanced Technical Materials Inc
Aeroflex/Inmet Inc
Aeroflex/Metelics Inc
Aeroflex/Weinschel Inc
Aerowave Inc.
Aircom Microwave
AJ Tuck Company
Alan Industries
AlfaMag Electronics, LLC
Alion Science and Technology
Alltest Instruments Inc.
Amcom Communications, Inc.
American Technical Ceramics Corp
Amphenol RF
Analog Devices, Inc.
Anaren Microwave, Inc.
Anderson Electronics, Inc.
Anritsu Company
Ansoft LLC(ANSYS Inc)
Antenna Design & Manufacturing Corporation
Antenna Factor
Antenna Research Associates, LLC
APA Wireless Technologies
Applied Specialties, Inc.
Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Division
Ar Worldwide
ARC Technologies Inc.
Argosy Component Sales
Ariel Electronics
Astrolab Inc
Astron Wireless Technologies, Inc.
AT Wall Company
ATCI / Antenna Technology Communications Inc.
Avago Technologies
Aviel Electronics
Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.
Axon Cable SAS
Barry Industries, Inc
Barth Electronics, Inc.
BEI Precision Systems & Space Company
BL Microwave Ltd
Bliley Technologies, Inc.
Bomar Interconnect Products
Boonton Electronics
Broadwave Technologies, Inc.
BSC Filters Ltd
C3I Corp.
Caddell-Burns Mfg. Co., Inc.
Caddock Electronics, Inc.
Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc.
Cardinal Components, Inc.
Cargille Laboratories
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Centellax, Inc.
Channel Microwave
Charter Engineering, Inc.
Ciao Wireless
CJ Instruments, Inc.
Coilcraft Inc.
Colby Instruments
Communication Concepts, Inc.
Communication Power Corporation
Communications & Power Industries
Compac Development Corp
Compex Corporation
Comtech PST
Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc.
Connecticut Microwave Corp
Connector City
Connectronics Inc
Cornell Dubilier
Corry Micronics Inc.
CPI Canada Inc.
Crane Aerospace & Electronics (AZ)
Crane Aerospace & Electronics (MA)
Cree Inc.
CrossPoint Technologies, Inc
CTT, Inc.
Cuming Microwave
Custom Interconnects
Daico Industries, Inc.
Damaskos, Inc.
Diamond Antenna & Microwave Corp.
Dielectric Laboratories, Inc
Digi-Key Corporation
DL Instruments,LLC
Dow-Key Microwave Corporation
Ducommun Technologies
EAO Switch Corporation
Edgefx Kits & Solutions
Elcom Technologies
Elcon Inc.
Electro Abrasives LLC
Electro-Mech Components
EM Research Inc.
EMC Technology Inc
Emcore Corporation
Empower RF Systems, Inc.
ES Microwave, LLC
ET Industries, Inc.
Evans Capacitor Company
EZ Form Cable Corporation
F-Squared Laboratories
Filtel Microwave Inc.
Flexco Microwave, Inc.
Florida RF Labs Inc.
Fox Electronics
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc
Frequency Electronics Inc
G.T. Microwave, Inc
Galim Wireless, Inc
Giga-tronics Incorporated
Gowanda Electronics
Grannatech Ltd
Greenray Industries Inc.
Harbour Industries Inc.
Haverhill Cable and Manufacturing, Corp.
Hecht Rubber Corporation
HEI Inc.
Herley Industries
Herley Industries, Inc.
Hittite Microwave Corp.
I.F. Engineering Corp
Illinois Capacitor, Inc.
Indium Corporation of America
INSTOCK Wireless Components, Inc.
Instruments For Industry, Inc.
Integra Technologies, Inc.
Integrated Microwave
Interad Ltd
International Mfg Service Inc
Isotemp Research Inc.
ITT Industries
ITW Paktron
JA Noll Company
JFW Industries, Inc
JM Microwave Corp
Johanson Manufacturing Corp
Joseph Electronics
JSB Service Company
Keithley Instruments
KR Electronics Inc.
Krytar Inc
KS Electronics LLC
L Gordon Packaging
Laird Technologies, Inc.
LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc.
Lark Engineering
Larsen Antennas
LCF Enterprises
Leader Tech Inc.
Lighthorse Technologies Inc
Linear Technology Corporation
Linx Technologies
Locus Microwave, Inc
Lodestone Pacific
Logus Microwave Corporation
Lorch Microwave
LPKF Laser & Electronics
Luff Research Inc.
Lytron Inc.
M-tron Industries Inc.
M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.
Marktek Inc.
Martek Power Abbott, Inc.
Maury Microwave Corporation
Maxtek Components Corporation
MCL, Inc.
MECA Electronics, Inc
Mega Industries
MegaPhase LLC
Mercury United Electronics, Inc.
Merrimac Industries- A Crane Co Company
Methode Electronics
Metuchen Capacitors Inc.
Micro Bends Corporation
Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.
Micro-Mounting Devices Inc
Micrometrics Inc
Micronetics, Inc.
Micronetixx Electromagnetics Engineering
Microphase Corp
Microstock, Inc.
Microtech, Inc
Microtool Inc.
Microwave Applications Group
Microwave Circuits
Microwave Components, Inc.
Microwave Development Labs
Microwave Filter Company, Inc.
Microwave Solutions, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, Inc.
Millimeter Wave Technology Inc.
Millitech Inc.
Mimix Broadband
Mini-Circuits SCI Components
MM Microwave Ltd
Modelithics, Inc.
Modular Components National, Inc
Molex Inc.
MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc.
Mu-Del Electronics, Inc.
MWT Inc- An IXYS Company
Narda Microwave-East
Neltec Inc
Networks International Corp
Nexyn Corporation
NJR Corp.
Nova Engineering Inc.
Novatech Instruments, Inc.
Ohio Microwave LLC
OKW Electronics, Inc.
Omniyig Inc
Ontario Gasket Inc.
Optical Cable Corp.
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp
Phase Matrix, Inc.
Phoenix Company of Chicago Inc.
Phonon Corp
Picosecond Pulse Labs Inc.
Planar Electronics Technology
Point Nine Technologies
Pole/Zero Corp.
Polyfet RF Devices
Praxsym Inc.
Precision Manufacturing Group
Precision Resistor Co., Inc.
Precision Waveguide Components Inc
Princeton Microwave Technology Inc.
Pro-Comm Inc
Professional Systems Inc.
Programmed Test Sources, Inc
Pulsar Microwave Corp
Pulver Laboratories Inc.
Q Microwave
Q-par Angus Ltd
Q-Tech Corporation
Qualcomm, Inc.
QUEST Microwave Inc.
Radio Frequency Systems
Radio Waves Inc.
Raltron Electronics Corporation
Reactel Inc
Reade Advanced Materials
RelComm Technologies, Inc.
Reliance – a PEI-Genesis Company
Remtec Inc.
Renaissance Electronics Corp
Res-Net Microwave Inc.
Resotech Inc.
Response Microwave, Inc.
RF & Noise Components Ltd.
RF Cable Assembly
RF Connectors div of RF Industries
RF Depot
RF Industries
RF Precision Products
RFMW, Ltd.
Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
RLC Electronics Inc.
Rodelco Electronics Corp.
Rogers Corporation (Chandler, AZ)
Rogers Corporation (Rogers, CT)
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
ROHM Semicunductor
Rosenberger of North America, LLC
Rotating Precision Mechanisms, Inc.
Rs Microwave Co Inc
Sage Laboratories Inc.
Schurter Inc.
Sector Microwave Industries
Sensitron Semiconductor
Servometer/PMG, LLC
SiGe Semiconductor Inc.
Signal Antenna Systems
Skyworks Solutions Inc.
Southern Microwave, Inc
Southwest Microwave, Inc.
Space Machine and Engineering Corp
Spectracom Corporation
Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH
Spectrum Microwave
Spinnaker Microwave
Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc.
SRC Cables, Inc.
SSI Cable Corporation
Standard Printed Circuits Inc.
State of the Art, Inc.
Statek Corp
Stealth Microwave Inc.
Sunset Electronics Inc.
Superior Electric
T&C Power Conversion, Inc.
T-Tech, Inc.
TAITIEN Electronics
Talley Communications Corp.
Tecdia Inc
Tech-Etch, Inc.
Technical Research & Manufacturing, Inc.
Techtrol Cyclonetics, Inc.
TECOM Industries
Tektronix Component Solutions
Teledyne Cougar
Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies
Teledyne Relays
Telewave, Inc.
Thales Electron Devices
The Phoenix Company of Chicago
Times Microwave Systems
TimeTools Limited
Toko America Inc
TRAK Microwave
Trilogy Communications, Inc
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.
TTE, Inc.
TUV SUD America, Inc.
U.S. Laser Corp
UltraSource Inc
United Microwave Products
UTE Microwave Inc
Valley Design Corp.
Valpey-Fisher Corp.
Vanlong, Inc.
Vantage Composites and Thermoforming
Vectron International Inc
VIDA Products Inc.
VMR Electronics, LLC
Voltronics Corporation
VXI Technology, Inc.
Wainwright Instruments GmbH
Waveline Inc
Weinschel Associates
Winchester Electronics Corp.
WL Gore & Associates, Inc.
Woven Electronics