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The semi rigid cables are usually the best medium through which to transmit the microwaves. They find use in tactical environments which call for high shielding and shock or vibration tolerance. Precise engineering has been employed in their manufacture with tolerances and specifications maintained exact to client requirements. The military qualified parts list and aerospace caliber connector termination requirements are used. Quality control is also applied to make sure that every single unit performs to the same expected standard especially precision tolerances.

Available from the websites are all types and dimensions of the semi rigid cables depending on the application to which they are going to be put to. The most important considerations which are considered are the availability of bending tooling, the need to reform the cable and the difficulty in routing. Our cables allow beating but for more flexibility other options should be assessed. The cables here on the website are those whose impedance is equal to 50ohms lesser or greater than 50 ohms, the aluminum cables, the MIL-C-17 cables and the low loss cables. Each has its specific application due to the inherent features that it carries.

For some of the best semi rigid coaxial cables descended from notable suppliers, you get to order and get them at prices which are unmatched in the market. The semi rigid cables are inexpensive compared to any other alternatives available to the coaxial cables. Application is in test and measurement devices, antennae, radars, satellite, medical imaging, and wireless communication equipment which all need phase stable performance, durability, low attenuation and signal fidelity.


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