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Buying precision connectors off the shelf is usually not the best idea and this may have its limitations. All connectors from our suppliers are designed and manufactured to meet client specifications down to every minor detail. And the success formula is to have experts and the right service that exceeds customer expectation through the provision of the best engineering skills and together with high quality manufacturing process. Our engineers and experts borrow on many years of experience and the commitment to service to provide consultative as well as manufacturing excellence. Hence all precise connectors are of very high quality providing robust captivation, low insertion losses, low VSWR and high power handling as some of the most notable characteristics.

The precision connectors developed are the different shapes and dimensions all meant to give functionality to the client applications and they include both the female and the male connectors. All designs maintain mechanical and electrical integrity all through the mating cycles. The connectors all carry the inherent benefits that the male center contact is protected by the coupling nut having been extended and this also protects the female center contact during mating. The most common applications of the different types of precision connectors are in the cable assemblies, radio, satcom, aerospace, instrumentation and military equipment.


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