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On offer here on the directory is the widest range of coaxial connectors in the market today, all sourced from renown suppliers. The suppliers are recognized for their world class designs, good manufacturing practices all that produce high quality and high performance connectors. The coax connectors play an important role in providing connections between RF components and the coaxial cables. The connectors are for both RF and microwave frequencies depending on the applications a client intends to put them to. The complete line of the connectors are the SMA, SCX, FME, SMP, MMCX, SMB, F, MDHC, SSMB, N, MDCX, IPX, BNC, RCA, SMPM, grounded circular, Torque isolation connectors among many other types of connectors. These are light and small sized, have a high degree of reliability, rugged in construction, have high frequency performance and provide stable electric continuity as some of the stand out characteristics.

Coupling has been made either threaded or to whatever specification put forward like the bayonet coupling. Do not be too worried about the connector that will perfectly suit your application, just talk to the staff from a supplier of choice. They are the best trained engineers in the field and will assist you come up with the custom coaxial connectors for all your applications whether typical or unique. In fact the connectors are for audio, broadband, medical instrumentation, military and aerospace applications, digital, wireless infrastructure, video, microwave and RF purposes and applications.

Production of high quality products has been the driving force for our suppliers, contact a supplier via the link and get your coaxial connectors fast turnaround times.


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