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The coaxial cables provide an axis shared by two conductors and their most common application is the application in transmission of video signals, radio signals, data signals and measurement signals and their most important task is to provide shielding against signal loss. The cables are designed to meet specifications laid down and the standard and bulk coaxial cable is the RG range which can meet any requirements. The cables are made available in different designs just as a client may desire. Our designs target reducing the diameter to eliminate problems during routing, provide improved flexibility and reduced bundle size. The range is inclusive of the twin coax and the axial cable and standards like CTF, URM, CT, TV and microwave cable solutions. All these having an operating temperature range from -65 to 150°C.

The cables meet the strict MIL-17 specifications where required and this specific characteristic works best for test environments and at 50 GHz. Resistance, frequency, impedance, low attenuation, shielding, dielectric component and longitudinal uniformity are but some features which are looked at purchase or finding one to fit your needs rather the application of coaxial cable. The coax cables are versatile and are used extensively in navigation and communication, and any other commercial, military and industrial applications. Lightweight cables are made available through the reduction of weight and cable size by having a fluoropolymer jacket.

All in all, the coaxial cables will be manufactured according to the specifications of the client providing to every single requirement outlined to the supplier.


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