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The variety of the coax adapters made available by the different suppliers listed here on the website makes sure that we have presented to you the most appropriate connectors for your applications and which satisfy your every requirement. We look after the need to have the coax adapters supplied from different suppliers who specifically work on given specifications, applications and for the different cable sizes.

Different applications of the coax adapters which are also referred to as coax crimps require that they meet some very critical functionality which is dependent on the different types of interfaces and their gender as presented on the connections and applications. The broad collection here provided on the list solves all your connection troubles especially for the 50 and the 75 ohm interfaces. These include the coaxial interfaces like the type F, MCX, FME, SSMA type N, Banana, TNC, LC, MHV, SMB, Mini-series, UMCX, PAL, type C,UHF, QMA, SMP, SMA, RCA,D-SUB, BNC, PL-259, the 1.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, 7mm adapters, and MMCX among other options. For the cable series, adapters include the LMR-100, 9913, RG-174, LMR-195, RG-58, LMR-240, LMR-400, and LMR-600.

You will be sure to find the right product for the applications both for commercial purposes and for the small scale applications. And on the occasion that a between series adapter is not found, contact the supplier to make the adapters that are right for your application and that is able to meet all your requirements.


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