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CATV amplifiers are applied in the distribution of broadband and are applicable in the headend use both in the indoor residential and commercial buildings. These amplifiers are best used within the frequency range of 54 to the maximum of 860 MHz frequency distribution of RF signal. The biggest characteristics of the amplifiers provided by the different suppliers here on the website are that these CATV amplifiers are incorporated with a high quality push pull hybrid input preamp which makes sure that highest possible output is gotten and that is achieved with the lowest distortion levels possible for launch amplifier applications both in the output of SMATV and the CATV headend.

The CATV amplifiers offered by these suppliers offer other characteristics like the extra large heat sink which gives reliability even the most hostile environments. Again the models provided have the option of the fixed input attenuators and the equalizers. Therefore whatever the characteristics required like the high output, return path, the adjustable slope and gain, the large heat sink case, the spike protections, low distortion and the high gain the models provided by the different suppliers will snuggly fit into the applications an individual has envisioned. The applications of these amplifiers include the necessity to provide quality signals, improve signal strength, enhance cable TV reception, and deliver maximum performance for all cable multimedia services including cable modem reliability and connectivity.

For the custom constructions like the glass epoxy printed circuit boards, the double-sided construction, plated through hole, and the SMT constructions all used to achieve low loss and the maximum possible reliability.


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