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Elcon Inc., founded in 1967, supplies various specialized solutions and features that consist of Photochemical Machining, Metallization and Resistive Covering of Ceramics and Brazed System Solutions. Elcon offers “one-stop shopping” and also fast-turnaround for prototypes and small to high production runs. In addition to its conventional potential buyers in the army and microwave areas, Elcon also provides accurate components and vacuum-tight ceramic metal devices to various countrywide laboratories in addition to the aerospace, biomedical, semiconductor, electronics, optical and transmission companies. Anthony Barraco, owner of Elcon, started his business based on a $360 concept for developing accurate oxide cathodes. His first client was an globally recognized provider of instrument-grade oscilloscopes. Tony’s strategy captivated various worldwide clients for whom Elcon delivered thousands of countless numbers of cathodes.


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