Wake Up to the Existence of Electromagnetic Radiation Dangers

//Wake Up to the Existence of Electromagnetic Radiation Dangers
Wake Up to the Existence of Electromagnetic Radiation Dangers2017-10-23T16:36:50+00:00

By Barbara A Busby

Many sources of man-made electromagnetic radiation have been shown to contribute to today’s health problems. The highest level of electromagnetic radiation dangers is caused by the saturation of our personal and public environment by radio frequency (RF) microwave radiation.

A shocking fact is that wireless technology, especially Wi-Fi, has never been tested since its inception in 1997. Wi-Fi got away with not being tested because of its use of an unlicensed part of the radio spectrum. As long as basic requirements for interference and compatibility were met, Wi-Fi devices could be bought by consumers.

This is also true for the full switchover to digital television broadcasts. No testing for health dangers has taken place here, even though it is 250 times stronger than the previous analog signal.

Several German physicians actually wrote to President Obama and Congress asking the U.S. to halt the introduction of DTV (digital TV) because of negative health effects which had taken place within their country.

Unfortunately there is more, relating to cell phones and placement of cell towers. According to the 1996 Telecommunications Act, no state or local government can regulate where cell towers are placed, based on ‘environmental effects’ of radio frequency radiation, as long as these towers follow FCC ‘safety guidelines’.

Meanwhile we have cell towers placed on school buildings, in parks and neighborhoods. They can basically be placed anywhere the telecommunications industry wants to because no testing has ever be done concerning their health effects.

To really totally comprehend the electromagnetic radiation dangers to our physical, mental and emotional health, an understanding of the basics of how wireless and digital technology works, is essential.

First we need to know about the type of signals which are used. All radio wave signals were broadcast, using an analog format before digital technology came to pass. In its most basic definition, an analog signal is unmodulated, meaning that it moves through the air in a sine wave. This type of wave moves up and down in a continuous rhythmical manner, which is the way energies flow in nature. This makes them harmless to us because it is a natural flow of energy.

A digital signal, however is a modulated radio wave, which is an unnatural pulsed, man-made ‘square wave’ that emits microwave radiation. The pulsed signals are either on (1) or off (0). Cell Phones, Digital TV broadcasts, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Towers and all other wireless technologies work this way. This is where we have the greatest health threat.

With this type of wave the radio strength rises and falls from high power to low power. The data transmission, modulated part is low-frequency and very high-powered. It works in the same frequency (3-25 Hz) as the human the biologically active range. This is where it can and does mess up everything from brain processes to hormone production to cell repair.

The AUVA (Austrian General Accident Insurance Institute) Report of July 2009 confirmed that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones damages the brain, nervous system, immune system and prompted changes in protein synthesis, leading to increased rates of DNA breakage. This report also found that children and youth were very susceptible to electromagnetic radiation dangers because they are still growing, developing and cell reproduction.

And here we are in the middle of this eco-pollution, suffering its effects and very few are aware of its existence.

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