How Radio Frequency Welding Is Important to the Military

//How Radio Frequency Welding Is Important to the Military
How Radio Frequency Welding Is Important to the Military2017-10-23T16:06:30+00:00

By Justin C Campbell

To the average citizen and even military personnel, radio frequency welding may not ring any bells. However, this technology often touches the lives of soldiers even more than the everyday citizen. By allowing manufacturers a way to weld plastic and synthetic materials and even fabric together, this welding technique allows many important air and water tight items to be made.

So why is waterproofing so important? For starters, let’s consider the soldier. Through the use of coated fabric, welding techniques that are viable to meld edges of thermal material with a radio frequency welder and clever design, there are a bunch of solutions for soldiers to keep their gear dry. Waterproof bags that have been carefully designed with a radio frequency welder make a great place to store your clothes inside of the military duffels. Having some clean and dry clothes to change in to is a strong safeguard to preserving the health of soldiers.

Next you can think about equipment. Rain and humidity may not seem like such a big deal to the average citizen, but water damage to military equipment is a definite hazard. In fact, the constant rust and corrosion from water damage can take years off of the life of military equipment, costing the U.S. billions of dollars a year!

Waterproof cases and bags are invaluable for keeping critical gear dry and protected from the elements. Especially for rifles, GPS gear, ammunition and more, knowing that your weapons and vital equipment are safe from rust is a great relief when you count on them for protection and getting a job done. Waterproof bags with special meld edges are also useful for protecting transported goods. With a strong coated fabric welding, the Navy has a multitude of invaluable dry sacks and other waterproof bags that can survive over two weeks in water 200 feet deep! That makes it possible to retrieve many items and gear that are invaluable that would otherwise be lost!

A radio frequency welder is also an important machine for making many of the buoyant items the navy makes use of. Things like rafts, life vests, lift bags and more are all constructed using the coated fabric welding technology of a radio frequency welder. Without the strong seams made by the welders ability to meld edges of plastic and other synthetic material these air and water proof items wouldn’t be able to hold up to the wear and tear of military use.

There is also the usefulness of a radio frequency welder being able to make custom large scale waterproof tarps to cover military vehicles and equipment to protect them from the elements. Items such as water or fuel tanks, portable shelter flooring systems, even hazmat enclosures are all created through the use of coated fabric welding.

Without the technology given by these special fabric welders that make it easy to effortless create meld edges and air tight seams, the military would definitely find it difficult to pull off many of their operations and protect their equipment.

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